Faculty of Economics and Administration' Statement

7. 3. 2022

Dear colleagues,
Dear students,

Management of the Faculty of Economics and Administration strictly denounces the Russian attack on Ukraine and joins the calls of the developed world to stop the war. We see Ukraine as an independent and sovereign state whose territory should not be controlled by anyone else than the people of Ukraine. This unprovoked attack undermines the foundations of international law, as well as the European and world order, which is the cornerstone of the existence of modern nations throughout the world.

In the exercise of democratic values, an integral part of the academic environment, we call on and ask all staff and students of our faculty not to be indifferent to the consequences of this crisis, to support each other and to extend a helping hand to all who need it, regardless of their nationality.

Management of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the University of Pardubice is ready to individually solve the problems of students arising in connection with further development of the situation in Ukraine.

Let us stand together, resist false information and keep faith in the earliest end of the conflict.

Jan Stejskal
Jitka Komárková
Renáta Myšková
Hana Kopáčková
Jana Janderová
Petr Urbanec