Bachelor Study

Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Administration are designed in conformity to the Bologna declaration and the trends of the University Education System around the world, this means in a structured form. The three-year Bachelor´s study programme is followed up by the two-year Master´s study programme. Top graduates of the Master study programme can enlarge their knowledge in the Doctoral study programmes that are also offered at the University of Pardubice.



Study Programme: Informatics and System Engineering


Informatics in Public Administration

The Bachelor course Informatics in Public Administration graduates master basic knowledge in the field of system engineering and informatics acquired mainly by passing subjects such as Essentials of Informatics, System Integration, Operating Systems, and Introduction to Computer Networks, etc.  Attention is focused on acquiring basic knowledge of management, regional sciences, and economic theories. Professional preparation also includes a supervised professional internship. The graduates can find positions in state administration, self-governing bodies, and specific regional organizations at a lower management level. The course is available as a full-time course. 

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