Informatics and System Engineering

Study Programme: Informatics and System Engineering
Field of Study:  Informatics in Public Administration
Language of Instruction: English
Degree Acquired: Engineer, abbr. "Ing."
Length of Study: 2 academic years
Form of Study: full-time
The minimum number of students: 10
Tuition Fee per academic year : 10 000 CZK (400EUR) for the best 10 students with at least 60 % points reached in the entrance exams /35 000 CZK (1400 EUR) for the others for one academic year



The two-year Master programme that follows on from the Bachelor course of the same name is offered to full-time students only. The study programme is designed to prepare experts who are specialized in the issues of regional management at middle and higher levels, who have acquired sufficient knowledge about the systemic approach to regional management, about the mutual connection of microeconomic and macroeconomic aspects at a regional level, and who, above all, master information technologies for the needs of the administration and management of a regional as well as of individual economic entities connected to such a region. The information acquired in the fields of informatics, system sciences, economic disciplines, regional sciences, and management enables the graduates to find positions in the non-profit sector as well as in the business sector tied with the region.

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