Bachelor's Study Programme

Study Programme: Informatics and System Engineering

Field of Study: Informatics in Public Administration

Language of Instruction: English

Degree Acquired: bachelor, abbr. "Bc."

Length of Study: 3 academic years

Form of Study:  full-time

Tuition Fee: 10 000 CZK (400 EUR) per academic year for first 10 students with at least 60% of points reached / 55 000 CZK (2 200EUR) for the other students


The Bachelor course graduates master basic knowledge in the field of system engineering and informatics acquired mainly by passing subjects such as Essentials of Informatics, System Integration, Operating Systems, and Introduction to Computer Networks, etc. This body of knowledge is further enlarged with data from management, regional sciences, and economic theories. Professional preparation also includes a supervised professional internship.The graduates can find positions in state administration, self-governing bodies, and specific regional organizations at a lower management level. The course is available as a full-time course. 


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