The Institute provides tuition under the study programmes of Economic Policy and Administration and System Engineering and Informatics taught at the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

The core of both informatic study programmes consists of subjects such as Introduction to Information Technologies and subjects dealing with database systems and geographic information systems. Attention is also paid to subjects from the field of information systems and information security and protection. At the end of the study course the students are acquainted with modelling of socio-economic processes.

The subjects presented under the System Engineering and Informatics programme are enlarged within the areas of algorithms and programming, information and computer networks, information systems and artificial computational intelligence. The end of the study programme focuses on the application of artificial intelligence methods, decision making support systems, data mining, project management, simulation and system engineering. Most subjects taught under this programme are oriented towards application in the public administration sector.

As regards to the scientific and research programmes, the Institute specializes mainly in the application of geographic information systems, decision making support systems, data flow analysis, project management and the use of information and computer networks in the public administration environment.

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