The Institute of Business Economics and Management provides tuition of economic and managerial subjects under the study programme entitled ‘ Economics and Management‘  and ‘Economic Policy and Administration’ and also participates in the lecturing of economic  and managerial subjects in the ‘System Engineering and Informatics’ programme.
The Bachelor courses of the ‘Economics and Management’ programme specifically include subjects such as Introduction to Accounting, Business Economics, Managerial Economics, Enterprise Accounting, Management, Knowledge Management, Financial Reporting, Corporate Taxation,  Managerial Analysis, Marketing, Capital Markets, Marketing, Innovation and Creativity, Human Resource Management, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Managerial Ethics, Production and Services Technology, Intellectual Property Protection, Company in Regional Environment, External and Internal Company Communication, Corporate Culture and Public Relations.
In the Master study programmes the Institute provides lectures on the following subjects such as Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Change Management, Corporate Competitiveness, Financial Investment, Marketing Management, Managerial Games, International Marketing and Management, Evaluation of Corporate Performance, Specific Taxation, Financial Instruments in Accounting, Financial Management, Seminar on Current Economic Issues.
The Bachelor courses of the ‘Economic Policy and Administration’ programme specifically include subjects such as; Managerial Economics, Tax System of the Czech Republic, Introduction to Accounting, Management, Marketing, Capital Markets, Accounting of Public Administration Institutions, Financial Analysis of Municipal Firm, Human Resource Management, Managerial Ethics and Intellectual Property Protection. In the Master study programmes the Institute provides lectures on the following subjects; Management of Public Sector, Financial Accounting, Financial Investment, Marketing Management,  Property Evaluation, Financial Management and Managerial Accounting.
The Institute of Business Economics and Management contributes to scientific and research programmes by solving the Faculty research plan. It also participates in the internal grants of the University of Pardubice and in nationwide projects focusing on the optimization of the number of staff within institutions, upon the measurement of corporate performance, upon the competitiveness of companies, upon the application of managerial ethics and upon the application of exact methods of management, etc. The respective results are published in monographs, scientific literature and at conferences in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad.
Employees of the Institute of Business Economics and Management participated or still participate in the following projects:
  • Scientific research activities in economics and management field.
  • Indicators for evaluating and modeling interactions among environmental, economic and social content.
  • Management of Healthcare organizations.
  • Security of citizens – Crisis management.
  • Analysis and verification of possibilities of the results of research and applied research presentation in Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Czech Republic and in European Union.
  • Strengthening the educational and scientific collaboration among Faculties of Economics within V4 and countries of South Eastern Europe.
  • Analysis of professional education in Pardubice region.
  • Designing of the benchmarking methodology for logistical centers.
Following these activities the scientific and research activities of Institute of Business Economics and Management will be mainly focused on common projects realized with international as well as national experts. The main aims are to increase the participation of Ph.D and master´s degree students in research tasks, application of interdisciplinary in research and development of collaboration with main players in private and public sectors.
Academic staff of the institute is currently working with industrial enterprises mainly from Pardubice region (e.g.  Synthesia, a.s., Foxconn CZ, brewery Pernštejn, a.s.), also with institutions of intellectual property rights, The Chamber of Commerce, regional agencies and municipalities. Many of employees are lecturers in different organizations. Several employees are doctoral superisors at Faculty of Economics and Administration.