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Owusu Evans Aboagye, Final year student, Joint Degree program

University of Pardubice is one of the Czech Republic’s best universities. It is internationally recognized for its expertise across a wide range of academic disciplines including my field of study, Economic Policy and Governance. It has a gradual and dynamic outlook, persistently striving to build upon its achievements by  investing in excellent facilities, pushing the boundaries of research, and developing new ways of e-learning. I enrolled to this remarkable university in 2016 to study a joint-study program Regional Development and Governance from the faculty of Economics and administration”.
Am highly encouraged about this great university owing to its quality of education, services for international students, as well as the high career placement rate for its programs.

One of the key factors that pulled me here was the joint study program it offers especially to the international student and the great reputation in the field of Economics over the past several years.
In terms of experience, I might just run out of words. Everything in this world gives you an experience of life. It depends largely on how you take that experience forward and the way you execute it. The joint study program of this school afforded me with the opportunity to gain diverse experience with different schools and countries, the university of Pardubice in Czech Republic and University of Siauliai in Lithuania as well as enjoyable culture with good student life. Campus life offers the perfect balance between international exposure and a homely atmosphere. Hence, I would recommend the special program for anybody interested in studying in Europe.


Solomon Gyamfi, PhD student

Having completed bachelor studies in my home University in Ghana, I moved to the Czech Republic to further my studies at the master’s level. I have been yearning for international experience as well as feeling for other cultures especially in Europe. My stay in Pardubice during my study of the master’s program was fantastic due to the sense of internationalism in the school. University of Pardubice has a conducive environment for learning, this is because of its great organization. It is one of the few schools in Europe with organized campus at one place which makes student life very comfortable. Both night and day life in the city of Pardubice is great!

In my field of study, Regional Development and Governance, accredited in the Faculty of Economics and Administration is a joint degree program with the University of Suialiai in Lithuania. I gained practical experience and critical thinking with problem solving ability through the multi- dimensional methods of teaching. The world class teachers in my faculty help student to achieve their learning goals due to a better student- teacher relationship, their sense of humour and good relationship with students makes the school the ideal place to be.
The mobility to Lithuania helped me to increase my connections and gained much exposure and travelling experience as I worked through my future career. I am now enrolled in a Doctorate degree due to the knowledge acquired in the Joint degree program.

I will recommend the Joint Degree Program to anybody who wishes to gain competence in the field of Public Administration especially Regional Development and Governance. You will be able to build yourself and career. Trust me, you will never regret studying in the University of Pardubice.

Henry Junior Anderson, PhD student

Coming from a developing African country, the study of Public administration oriented to Regional development and governance offered in University of Pardubice has been more than just an eye-opener in terms of the National economic and social potential that countries possess, desirable policy trends that could be adopted as well as the good governance National and international policies. Largely aided by the pragmatic, interactive teaching approach and the international and comparative experience of studying one course in two different countries, I’ve been endowed with deeper knowledge not just for Public and non-public administration but also on a social and interpersonal level.

Furthermore, the peace and calm of Czech Republic and Lithuania, the always-ready- to-help demeanour of teachers and international colleagues and level of diligence attached to the success of International students in faculty. This attention to detail and desire to help more than made up for the language barrier making it even easier to decide on following up my study to the Ph.D. level at the Faculty of Economics and Administration here in University of Pardubice. I will always owe my international exposure and growth to this noble institution and country.

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