FEA workshop: Creating Business Models for Sustainability and Circular Economy

23. 6. 2022

As part of the workshop organized yesterday by the FEA Science and Research Centre (SRC), Dr. Fazal ur Rehman presented an interesting paper "How to Conduct a Research Study: A Practical Approach for Beginners and Business Model Innovation for Circular Economy." The audience was mostly PhD. students of the faculty, a good number of whom are involved in innovation issues, their support, but also partly in selected aspects of the circular economy. This interesting paper was widely discussed and we hope it will help our young researchers and PhD students to go deeper into the topic under investigation. Dr. Fazal ur Rehman joined SRC at the beginning of June this year as a post-doc fellow and is carrying out his internship under the mentorship of assoc. professor Viktor Prokop as part of the university-wide MEMOII project.

Nela Dosedelova
Department of External Affairs and Development