Publication by prof. Prokop's team in Business Strategy and the Environment Journal

13. 9. 2022

During the holidays, Associate Professor Viktor Prokop, Ph.D. from the Centre for Science and Research of the FEA and his foreign partners achieved significant success in the field of publications. A research article "On the path to sustainable development: the nexus between owner gender diversity, energy management, and firms' innovation radicalness" was published in the journal Business Strategy and the Environment. This is a journal whose metrics in the Web of Science database are among the best. According to the impact factor as well as the new Journal Citation Indicator, it ranks in the Q1 category in three fields and in the top decile in most of them. This publication is evidence to the world-class research that he and his collaborators are conducting.

"I am glad that our researchers are starting to publish regularly in the most prestigious journals in the world in the field of economics, business and management. This is a significant reward for many hundreds of hours of fair research work. I also appreciate that Associate Professor Prokop was able to invite experts from abroad to his publishing team, which significantly supports the internationalisation of research activities at our faculty." says Prof. Stejskal, Dean of the Faculty.

You can read a short interview with Associate Professor Prokop below:

What new insights does the publication bring?

Our research examined the relationship between gender diversity, energy management and the ability of firms to create radical innovation in Southern, Central and Eastern European countries. We came to the interesting results that firms adopting energy management measures in the countries we analysed, unlike their Western and Northern neighbours, fail to reap the benefits of gender diversity. On the contrary, it has proved to be crucial in generating innovation. We have also confirmed the assumption that the enterprises we have studied are significantly influenced by public policy makers and market pressures.

What are your plans for the future?

For future research, we are building on our findings so far and, together with Prof. Horbach from the University of Applied Science in Augsburg, we are focusing on the determinants of environmental behaviour of European firms. Furthermore, in collaboration with Prof. Gerstlberger from Tallinn University of Technology, we are investigating how different forms of human capital affect the energy efficiency and innovation performance of European firms. As part of our collaboration with these colleagues, a workshop will be held in November this year on the creation of sustainable regional innovation ecosystems.

Nela Dosedelova
Department of External Affairs and Development