International Students Trained for Job Interviews

28. 4. 2022

The activity took place as a seminar in the management subject for the Erasmus and full-time bachelor students of FEA (Informatics and System Engineering). This included a mock interview of candidates for job positions in the pseudo companies that the groups in the class formed. The seminar sought to train students on how to create job profiling and assessment of the workforce in terms of quantity and quality to fill vacant positions in the groups’ pseudo firms. Students created their companies within the sectors of service, manufacturing, and retail as well as oil and gas. "This exercise has been the culmination of seminar activities students have engaged in during the semester-long project seeking to instil in students the managerial skills in organisations and administrative functions of various managers across the units of the business organisations", says lecturer Solomon Gyamfi, Ph.D. We hope students enjoyed this training opportunity and wish them all good luck in their job search in the future.


Nela Dosedelova
Department of External Affairs and Development