FEA students undergo a traineeship at Matsumoto University in Japan

14. 11. 2022

Students of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the University of Pardubice, Kateřina Vávrová and Mikuláš Antonik, have undergone a two-month-long exchange mobility within the Erasmus+ project at Matsumoto University in Japan. As part of their stay was also meant to be a company traineeship, the students had the opportunity to look into the operation of Japanese companies.

The objective of the traineeship was to get acquainted with the Japanese style of management and deepen the knowledge from the students` field of expertise. The students had the chance to see things from a practical point of view, learn about new approaches and gain valuable experience from the international environment. The first and the longest traineeship was realised at Alpico Group, which specialises in tourist services, the hotel industry, and transport. The students also got to visit a branch of the Bank of Japan. They learned a lot of interesting information ranging from the operation of the bank system in Japan to the life cycle of banknotes and their security features. Other companies mainly specialise in the automotive industry (Tada Precisions, Shenetsu Denso, and Fuji Electric Semiconductor).

Thanks to Matsumoto University, the students could carry out many exciting trips across the whole of Japan. Mikuláš Antonik also devoted himself intensely to martial arts and obtained a green belt. He drew the attention of the local media and even appeared on pages of the local press. Mikuláš sums up his study in Japan: “Japan used to be my great dream. I remember how one autumn evening last year, I was browsing the internet, and I came across some pictures of one of the traditional villages Narai Juku. I thought I should definitely go there one day. At the time, I had absolutely no idea that I would really be standing in this place a few months later. I am very grateful for the experience I could get, the new friends I gained during my stay, and the experiences I will remind myself of for the rest of my life.  I am happy I got the chance to represent FEA and the University of Pardubice and leave a legacy in faraway Japan.“

Our faculty obtained the financial means for the realisation of exchange mobilities of academic staff and students from the Erasmus+ programme thanks to long-term cooperation with Matsumoto University in Nagano prefecture. There are currently two Japanese students studying at FEA. During the first week of their stay in Pardubice, they were assisted by prof. Yoriko Masuyama. She introduced them to the Czech environment as she has visited our faculty several times. The faculty intends to support and extend this cooperation further. 

Nela Dosedelova
Department of External Affairs and Development